Screen Repair the Simple Way

If you own a phone, tablet, or laptop then you know how frustrating it is to have a cracked or broken screen. Having to get a screen repaired is a daunting task. It is usually cheaper to repair the screen than to replace your entire phone or tablet. Finding a company that does screen repair

Antivirus Protection: Why You Should Use a Paid Service

Cyber-criminals who design and propagate computer viruses and other malware are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approaches. These misfits can steal and/or destroy the information stored on your individual computers, your computer network, and on all your mobile devices. With this in mind, it is a “no brainer” that you need antivirus protection and antispyware

Tips on Upgrading to Windows 10

Now is the time to upgrade to Windows 10. In July the free upgrade option will expire and if you wait until the last minute you may have trouble accessing the web site (causing more problems for you) for the download because EVERYBODY will be doing it! But…before you start, do the following: Make sure