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Hardware Support
Does your Home Computer run slower than it use to ?  Did you spill a liquid on your keyboard or on your PC ?  Is it just not working or working the way you think it should ?  We can help you.  Contact us today. [TOP]

Hardware Upgrades
Today's software requires increasingly more from your PC with every new release. Popular software such as Microsoft Outlook, Norton Internet Security, and Adobe Photoshop can reduce old PCs to a snail's pace. The solution? Increasing your computer's memory (RAM) is an easy, economical way to instantly bring your system back up to speed. Perhaps you simply need more hard drive space to store your music and movies? High capacity hard drives cost less than a $1 a gigabyte and are easy to install. Has the CD burner included with your PC broken down? Why not upgrade to a speedy DVD/CD burner and give yourself the capacity to burn video DVDs, audio disks, and data backups. [TOP]

Troubleshooting Your System
Getting strange error messages? Has your computer started freezing, randomly restarting, or experienced a sudden decrease in speed? Does Windows freeze or go into a reboot loop when you start up your computer? Is your computer making loud clicking or whining noises? Whatever the symptoms, we can troubleshoot your system, find the cause, and fix it. [TOP]

Antivirus / Spyware / Malware Removal
With the proliferation of DSL and cable broadband internet connections, the spread of new virus and spyware infections has soared. According to Trend Micro, Malware exploits moved at unprecedented speed and volume this past year but 2009 may bring increasing cooperation among security vendors and law enforcement agencies to bring down criminal enterprises, according to the annual Trend Micro Threat Roundup & 2009 Forecast.
With the threat of Spyware, Virus, and Malware you need to protect your system.  Contact us if you think your system is vulnerable or if you do not have a current AntiVirus-Malware software installed on your PC('s). [TOP]

Wireless Networks & Wireless Printing
In the past year the popularity of wireless networks has exploded, and not without good reason. When wireless networking was first introduced it was expensive, slow, buggy, and had serious security flaws. Now, with new offerings from Linksys, Netgear, Buffalo, and others, you can share your cable or DSL connection via a fast Wireless-G or Wireless-N access point or router. Wireless security standards have also improved greatly with new encryption schemes such as TKIP-WPA (WiFi Protected Access) which address many of the security flaws found in the older WEP (Wi-Fi Equivalent Privacy) standard. In addition most new wireless access points and routers feature wireless MAC filtering, a feature whereby you can limit access to only approved wireless clients. You can also share USB or parallel printers wirelessly via a wireless print server which can be integrated into your existing wireless network. Alternative wireless technologies such as Bluetooth allow short-range wireless printing from Bluetooth enabled phones, PDAs, Cameras, and laptops. [TOP]

Have you ever wished you could share a centrally located printer between several computers on a home network, without having the printer tethered to one of the PCs? With a wireless print server you can do just that. If you already have wireless internet in your home or office it's a simple matter to add a wireless print server which will enable you to position your printer anywhere within the range of your wireless network. For those without wireless internet, you can jump two hurdles in one leap by purchasing a wireless router with an integrated print server, giving you both wireless internet and wireless printing capabilities. In addition to 802.11B/G wireless print servers there are other wireless options such as Bluetooth or the older infrared standard, however these solutions have much more limited range than 802.11B/G wireless options.  Ready to go cable-free in 2010? Give us a call! [TOP]

Firewall Setup
Whether you are a home user or a business, a well configured firewall is an integral component of your network's security. Firewalls function as a buffer zone between your computer (or local network) and the Internet. When properly configured, a firewall can usually prevent hackers from remotely accessing your computer as well as protecting your network from common attacks such as Denial of Service (DoS). There are two types of firewalls: hardware and software. Most routers include a hardware firewall which protects your Local Area Network (LAN) from broad range external attacks and can be configured to forward external ports to the LAN for Remote Desktop and server hosting. Software firewalls such as those that come with Norton and McAfee's Internet Security suites, ZoneAlarm, and the Windows XP and Vista integrated firewalls, can be used in conjunction with a hardware firewall as added security for individual computers. A software firewall can be configured to allow only certain programs to access the Internet, preventing, for instance, a spyware application from "phoning home" with your personal data. If left unconfigured a software firewall can also be a nuisance, constantly asking users to allow or disallow Internet access for applications. [TOP]

Software Upgrades
Are you running outdated software? Still running Office 95 or 2000? Considering upgrading from Windows XP or Windows Vista to the new Windows 7 operating system? There have been many improvements in functionality, security, and user interface in the new versions of Microsoft Office, Windows, and many other software products. Some upgrades are simple enough for regular users to apply them without help but major upgrades such as the switch from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7 or from Office 2000 to 2007 can be tricky and often require reconfiguration and reinstallation of accompanying software. [TOP]

Data Transfer
Are you considering upgrading to a new desktop or laptop PC but need to have your data transferred over? Have you suffered a hard drive crash and need to restore your system from a backup drive or disks? Need to mirror data on one computer to another? Whatever your setup we can help you find the right method to transfer your data reliably and safely. [TOP]

Looking to setup a home or office network to share files and printers? Want to host an FTP, Web, P2P File Sharing, or gaming server? Wired, wireless, or both, we can get your network on its feet whether it's just 2 PCs or 20 workstations and a server. [TOP]

DataBase Programming
Kevin has been programming in Microsoft Access since 1992. All Versions through 2007
contact Kevin through email at this link:[TOP]

WebSite Design

Kevin has been creating websites for people for the last 12 years. He uses Mircrosoft FrontPage.  Contact him by email here to ask about having a website created for you.[TOP]

Remote Assistance

AV Computer Repair can provide remote assistance via LogMeIn.
This small program allows a technician secure access to a user's desktop to provide remote assistance and troubleshooting. The LogMeIn Agent requires an installation on your end. Just ask us and we can send you the link.
Remote assistance sessions can be cancelled at any time by the user and can only be initiated with the local user's permission. If you would like to schedule a remote assistance session you must first call or email us at: (661) 430-5333 or  to make an appointment.[TOP]


Onsite Service

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